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Testimonials and Endorsements

Here is what our tax and insurance clients are saying....

During the four years I’ve known Marty, he put together a full accounting of my business, caught me and my business up on multiple years of tax returns.  He assisted me in obtaining SBA PPP loans, since forgiven, and SBA EIDL loans to help my business grow through COVID.  I am very comfortable continuing to work together with this strong business advisor and his team.

Dr. Sheri Corbett, Medical Practice Owner

I originally met Geri after my husband passed away and she took care of all my Medicare, Supplement and Prescription Drug plan needs.  Geri introduced me to Marty who assisted me in restructuring over $80,000 in credit card debt including working out forgiveness in some situations.  Marty also took care of all my tax requirements including dealing with the IRS and identity theft issues.  Marty was able to help minimize the tax from my IRAs to retire the balance of the debt.  Marty and Geri assisted me in refinancing my home mortgage by using a reverse mortgage*.  As a result of all of the above I went from a concern that I would have to leave my home and or file for bankruptcy to feeling like I have an adequate cash flow for my retirement.

Gail Grant, Retiree

Testimonials are based on unique experiences from current clients and are not representative of all client experiences. No compensation was provided.  SFA and Strategic Blueprint do not provide tax preparation or tax/legal advice.

*While under the right conditions, a reverse mortgage can be a tool for long-term financial stability in retirement, it is not right for all senior homeowners.  You should consider the up-front costs and understand how spouses, partners, roommates, and heirs might be affected by a reverse mortgage.

Here is what our advisory clients are saying….

Geri and Marty handle all our health care and life insurance coverages. Marty handles our company and individual tax planning and returns. He manages our investments to help maximize our after tax returns and determines our retirement plan allocations.  It is great to have Bee Street as a one stop shop to handle all our insurance, retirement, tax, and investment needs.

Brian and Brenda Schmalzriedt, Packaging and Distribution Business Owner

When I originally met Marty and Geri, I was working 40 hours a week to make ends meet and did not believe that I could retire.  Marty evaluated my Social Security, annuities, and EE bonds.  Geri and Marty lowered my health care costs and restructured my life and long-term care policies.  Marty put together a comprehensive retirement plan that helped me retire.  I have been happily retired now for three years and I rely on Marty to continually monitor my retirement income and assets.  Without his help, I don’t believe all of this could have happened.  I continue to depend on Marty and Geri to help me with all aspects of my retirement.

Evadne Godbold, Retiree

Marty and Geri initially assisted us in lowering our Medicare insurance and drug plan costs while reducing our financial risk of health care costs during retirement.  Marty then took over our tax planning and preparation reducing our annual taxes by restructuring the distribution strategy from IRAs and investments set up by our prior advisor.  Marty’s Bee Street team analyzed our retirement cash flow.  The advice allowed us to lower our costs through mortgage refinancing and other cost management.  Marty also restructured our investments from market exposed variable annuities to fixed indexed annuities* that give us income streams to complement social security and pensions.  Marty and Scott took over as our financial advisors and have put in place a long-term investment strategy that better meets our goals in retirement.  The Bee Street team is available to answer all of our questions on a 24/7 basis and we have recommended them to our family and friends.  Several of which are now Bee Street clients.

Larry and Ginger Sweet, Retirees

My sister recommended Marty and Geri to help me with all of my insurance, taxes and finances.  This is one time my sister was right.  The entire Bee Street team has been great, helping me get organized with many parts of my life.  They even helped me get my mother’s estate settled, got all of my tax returns straightened out with the IRS and SC.  I meet with Marty regularly and he takes care of anything I ask which makes my life easier.  I’m in good hands and will always look to the Bee Street team to keep me organized.

Susan Still, Retired Federal Government Worker

Testimonials are based on unique experiences from current clients and are not representative of all client experiences. There is no guarantee of future performance or success. No compensation was provided.  SFA and Strategic Blueprint do not provide tax preparation or tax/legal advice.

* Fixed Annuities are products of the insurance industry and are designed for long-term retirement investing. Annuity guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Surrender charges may apply if money is withdrawn before the end of the contract.